2018 Golden Hammer Awards
project submissions

Projects must have been completed after January 1, 2017. All projects nominated must be located in the Greater-Richmond area (City of Richmond, counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico). One entry per project. Entries must be received by midnight Monday, October 1, 2018.

1   Best Restoration: May be a restoration by a homeowner, contractor or developer. The use must have stayed the same. Includes historic tax credit projects.

2   Best Adaptive Reuse Project: Includes projects that were rehabilitated for a new use. Multi-family residential projects welcome.

3   Best New Construction: Includes neighborhood infill.

4   Best Placemaking Project: Includes arts and cultural projects, park and green-space projects, transportation and infrastructure projects, or other neighborhood enhancing features. 


Images are required as part of a complete application. Please email us at with images of the project. Please prepare 8 images, 4 before and 4 after images of the project to include with your submission.


Project Information
Project Address *
Project Address
Project Completion Date *
Project Completion Date
Property or Building Owner Contact Name (if other than above)
Property or Building Owner Contact Name (if other than above)
Property or Building Owner Address *
Property or Building Owner Address
Contact Phone Number
Contact Phone Number
Project Team
Historic Tax Credit Certification
Provide a project description. Describe noteworthy features of project, such as design and historic renovation considerations, challenges encountered, risks taken, special populations served, if any. Comment on the project’s impact on the surrounding neighborhood. Heavier weight will be given to projects that: 1. Have a positive impact on the surrounding area 2. Utilize high-quality, sustainable materials 3. Are creative or innovative in approach 4. Contribute to the overall revitalization of the community

Please use the email above or call us at the Storefront for Community Design (804-322-9556) with any questions.

Thank you and good luck!

This year's Awards are supported by the Better Housing Coalition.