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Design for social justice

General Devotion, General Demotion

Design the communication for the national General Devotion, General Demotion competition to reconsider the monuments along Monument Avenue. The competition aims to promote constructive dialog, racial healing, and community education through the reexamination of the monuments. The project involves two pieces: a local, high school student run competition which considers the subjects and locations of future monuments, and a national call for designs and entries focusing on the current monuments. This two-part team will generate the graphic material for the high school and national competitions' websites and announcements, entry package, resources, and work with the other team. The two teams will work together to ensure conceptual consistency in future communications for both competitions.

Outcomes from mObument avenue poster project during the fall of 2015

Outcomes from mObument avenue poster project during the fall of 2015


Social Justice in City Hall Office Design

Inspired by mObjOb6 posters which reimagined the Lee statue on Monument Avenue, Councilwoman Ellen Robertson would like to redesign her office to reflect her initiatives for racial reconciliation, anti-poverty work, justice, and local history in her office at City Hall. The walls of the office will become a place for images and a place for words.


Design for mental and physical health

VCU Rams in Recovery

Design the new Rams in Recovery branding timed with the launching of the Recovery Ally Program (Like Safe Zone). RIR is additionally seeking designs for cool Rams in Recovery gear, and perhaps make some changes in the layout of one of their student spaces.


Mental Health Posters

When working with mental and emotional health for students at VCUarts, one of the points of focus is reducing the stigma around mental and emotional disabilities and access to care. Jody is currently working with a cohort of students that have been identified for their willingness and ability to work and talk in this area.


Richmond Public Housing Clinics

RCHD operates 6 Resource Centers (all different, built between 1930-1960) which are satellite mini-clinics that house a nurse, nurse practitioner, and community health worker and are located inside housing units in the 6 large public housing developments. Each Center is a renovated public housing unit with cinder block walls and linoleum tiling and is approximately 700-1000 sq. ft. They have been established since 2009 and could use wise council to update and improve our small spaces. Needs to be comfortable, yet technical. Each unit will have the same program, just in different buildings. The mOb team will focus on one prototype design for the clinic in Mosby Court, using the unit as a case study.

Renovated interior for the entrance to the clinic at theResource Center at Mosby Court

Renovated interior for the entrance to the clinic at theResource Center at Mosby Court


design for neighborhood improvement

Stormwater Management + Non-Traditional Community Engagement

The Office of Sustainability and the Center for Environmental Studies are developing a stormwater management plan for the VCU Monroe Park and MCV Campuses as well as the Jackson Ward, Monroe Ward, and Carver neighborhoods. The planning process is funded through a grant from the EPA. Funding runs through summer, 2018. Design and implement non-traditional community engagement efforts to solicit public input on plan recommendations for green infrastructure and stormwater management in the study area. mObians will redetermine community engagement for these particular neighborhoods in addition to designing and communicating study information to neighborhood residents. 


Pace Center at VCU

Design a multi-programmed communal space at the Pace Center. Future uses of the fellowship hall include: a coffee house feel for people to use during the day to hangout and study, a space that can be used for some training with the Well, VCU HR Work/Life, and community speakers; a space for a community meal where some learn to cook the food and all gather around a table for food and conversation, and a space for open-mic night and art workshops. The key is for it to be a communal feel that is welcoming and flexible.

The Neighborhood Scoop

Design an ice cream shop with the mission of providing a gathering space for all to experience the joy of ice cream and community in North Church Hill. Project mentors Cameron Fullmer and Thomas Kennedy have to designed the first phase of the project: the outdoor space next to the existing building to house the ice cream trailer, meeting space, and bike pump track. Phase 2 examines the renovation of the existing building to house the ice cream shop and a TBD business/program. We have fall semester for design with the hopeful opening of the storefront by summer 2018.


a logo concept for the Neighborhood Scoop

a logo concept for the Neighborhood Scoop


design for community-engaged art

ArtStories Exhibition Catalogue

Design and print a catalogue for an interdisciplinary, intergenerational visual art show in October 2017. The catalogue will be distributed to participants, community members, future program participants, and as a supplement for grants for future projects. Print run of 500 copies. Client will provide all images, copywriting, video stills, and a schematic or preliminary organization of the pages. An additional hand-out, postcard, takeaway will be finalized at the beginning of the semester for the October. The catalogue is due by the end of the year on December 22nd, 2017. There is a budget of $2500 for printing.


Oakwood Arts + P35

Oakwood Arts will serve as a secular space in a rapidly changing neighborhood for economically and culturally diverse neighbors to come together to engage with art in all its forms. They seek to make art and careers in creative industries accessible to all by planting the seeds of artistic entrepreneurship through lectures, mentoring, and networking events. They currently need an exterior and landscaping design plan for their site on the corner of P and 35th street in the Oakwood Neighborhood.


Six Points Innovation Center

The Six Points Innovation Center is a building in Highland Park that houses 3 non-profit organizations (Art180, GroundWork RVA, and Saving Our Youth) dedicated to youth-centered programming. Storefront for Community Design manages the space, planning events and art/design workshops in addition to the programming provided by the other organizations. Currently, the space is delineated chaotically with donated furniture into temporary, fluid zones. This project will put mOb designers directly in contact with the Changemakers, a youth council that grants 6PIC youth agency, leadership, and self-determination. 6PIC needs DIY, innovative and affordable solutions to help mitigate the spatial chaos.




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