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out of town

Greenville County Training School

Preserve the history of this important educational site by building awareness through design interventions and combating the council’s desire to demolish the Greenville County Training School. The original Rosenwald School is in ruin and currently is undergoing designs to repurpose the structure as a public space. The project will include a plan to design a closing for the window opening on the front of the building as well as other promotional/educational materials.

Initial mOb efforts to raise awareness about the Greenville County Training School from early 2016

Initial mOb efforts to raise awareness about the Greenville County Training School from early 2016


Minority AIDS Support Services

Design "A Safe Place" for the interior of the Minority AIDS Support Services office in Norfolk's southside. This portion of the office will be for people, specifically men who have sex with men to come and get tested confidentially. This will also be a place where they can drop in for condoms or just to chat.


Outward facing

Brooks Diner

On the coattails of last semester's interior and identity redesign team comes the request for exterior overhaul of Brooks Diner. Design a plan to catch attention from passersby, bring more clientele into the diner, or simply let the rest of Richmond know Brooks Diner is open!


T. Potterfield Bridge Entrance + Pocket Park

Reimagine the south entrance to the new Potterfield bridge, and the future BridgePark, thus creating a stronger connection between the two sides of downtown Richmond. This entrance will navigate the needs of the space: public land abuts up to private land, the path connecting the parking lot runs under the dark and desolate Manchester bridge. The parking lot at 7th and Semmes Avenue will become the gateway to Manchester. How can this park be transformed from a parking lot into a destination that both fortifies the use of greenways in Richmond as well as introducing Manchester?


Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Recovery by Design is beginning its fourth and final semester and wants to reengage with the public, in turn educating the public about who designs and what design is. Building off fashion design workshops hosted last semester, this semester's team will perfect the working relationship between RBHA clients and designers, polishing off the garments in time for a fashion show at the end of the year. 


Fatherhood Initiative with Richmond City Health District

The Fatherhood Initiative's marketing material is outdated, using stock imagery from the 90s to address young African-American fathers. They will need an identity redesign that will reach out to the current generation of clients served by the Fatherhood Initiative. 


mOb Press Club 

Formed in late 2016 and operating under the tentative name, mOb Press Club, this team will lay the conceptual groundwork for how mOb uses design to explain itself to the public. Must take into consideration how we describe the relationship of mOb + Storefront, what is mOb’s impact on the students, the city, and design?



Fire Egress + Safety Kit

In response to the Oakland Warehouse fire and closing of the Bell Foundry in Baltimore, the safety of underground/DIY art spaces is imperative. Design a solution for Richmond's art spaces (studios, galleries, punk houses) to ensure safe egress of patrons and artists in the event of a fire and other emergencies. The solution should emphasize proper fire safety code while also providing immediate solutions.


VCU Police

Redesign the outside and entrance to the VCU Police Department's new building downtown that both reflects the needs of this portion of Broad street as well as communicating what the VCU Police do for their community. How can the station best be a safe, abiding space downtown. The space facing Broad Street along with the interior lobby are fair game.


recreation + entertainment

Afrikana Film Festival

Redesign the identity of the Afrikana Film Festival which will be hosted throughout Richmond next year. The design should be based on web design which is flexible for print, poster, mail, and email outputs. 


Richmond Volleyball Club

Design a campaign, action, or publicity stunt to reach Richmond residents who are unaware of the Richmond Volleyball Club, its membership, culture and services.





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