Projects are listed below. Please note that every project has plenty of accompanying leeway for experimental outcomes. Or in other words, read through the projects with an idea of where your initiative, obsessions, talents, and playfulness might be best expressed.


1. Nature Conservancy at oyster

The Nature Conservancy is creating an interpretive trail along a portion of the undeveloped shoreline in the seaside village of Oyster, VA on the Eastern Shore where the public can take in views of protected oyster sanctuaries, salt marsh, and Mockhorn and Cobb Islands--two of the chain of barrier islands visible from this location.

The trail proposal includes signage that highlights TNC’s work and other conservation activities in the area. TNC’s seagrass and scallop restoration facility is also based in Oyster, as a living shoreline demonstration project to show how nature can help protect coastal shorelines from erosion. Interpretive signs will be placed along the trail, trailhead, and around the Oyster harbor to highlight the trail, the TNC restoration facility, and living shoreline. This project team will design signage and other park structures such as benches, a viewing platform, and trash receptacles that convey TNC’s mission, information about the trail, and themes of people/nature and conservation.


2. residence of Janine gillis

Janine has three areas in her residence that she needs design help with. She needs to modify her backyard to create off-street parking that is rain-permeable. She needs a plan for her alley that facilitates usability for her and her neighbors as well as offering low-maintenance with better drainage. She also needs a landscape design for her front yard to beautify the space. This mOb team will be working with this Richmond resident to offer landscape and urbanism design solutions.


3. Seeds of Change Organization community garden

Seeds of Change Organization is a community garden planned for the southside of Richmond. They will need help designing the community space, graphics for the garden, and promotional materials to communicate how the garden functions. This project team will be working on design plans for landscape, urban agriculture, and graphics for Seeds of Change.


4. RBHA Healing Garden

RBHA is creating a healing garden and kitchen garden for their North Campus at 1700 Front Street. The campus provides residential substance abuse services for men, women, and families. There is a budget of $2500 to get the gardens started by the Fall of this year as a Phase 1 project. However there is a 1 acre green space that will need a speculative master plan for a community and learning space which will serve as Phase 2 of the project. This project team will assist with the two phases of the project.




HuddlRVA is a brand new alternative learning community and playspace for families, working parents, and young children. They are currently looking for a home in the Arts District or centrally located in Richmond. They will hope to lease a space by the end of September and will need to renovate the space to create the ambiance and environment for their new alternative school.  This mOb team will be designing and suggesting alternative interior design plans that convey the new school’s community-minded principles while meeting the needs of the space. The outcome of this project need is a rendering and proposal to help recruit families and fundraise.


Monument Avenue: General Devotion, General Demotion

Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion is an international design ideas competition inviting planners, architects, designers, artists, and individuals to reimagine Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, culminating in an exhibition at The Valentine. The next 4 projects enunciate mOb's participation in Monument Avenue.

Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion is a design ideas competition to reimagine Monument Avenue. The competition will close for submissions on December 1st, 2018 and all submissions will be displayed at the Valentine Museum in an exhibition opening February 14th, 2019. This team of students will be designing a ballot box for the People’s Choice Awards, promotional materials for the exhibition and the exhibition design for a companion competition in Richmond Public Schools to design the next monument on Monument Avenue.



Storefront will be launching a tactical urbanism handbook or toolkit to distribute for use in communities around Richmond. Ideally, this handbook/toolkit will describe tactical urbanism strategies in easily legible language with images, drawings, and examples that community members can recreate in Richmond neighborhoods. This “How To” guide will ideally facilitate home grown improvements in the built environment and empower civic groups and individuals to harness their own design acumen and creativity to continue to make Richmond a better place for ALL of our neighbors to make environments more welcoming. This project team will be learning about tactical urbanism, finding resources and case studies, and combining those skills with visual communication design skills to create this new resource for Storefront.


BarkStreet Dog Treats

BarkStreet is a local dog treat manufacturer that produces all natural, non-GMO treats alongside dog toys and recipes for dogs. They are developing their presence in Richmond and rethinking their distribution with a focus on better reaching their growing customer base in the city. They are looking for low-cost advertising help to achieve these goals. This project team will employ visual communication design, packaging design, and identity design for BarkStreet.


Stockpile Men's Boutique

This small business located at 1717 E. Main Street is a men’s clothing shop selling suits, ties, shirts, and shoes in need of assistance in designing business cards and promotional materials for the shop. This project team will provide visual and fashion design and merchandising skills to create a unique set of promotional materials for Stockpile.



One Little World is a small, but growing, fair trade company based in Richmond, Virginia that currently partners with artisans in the developing countries of Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal and Uganda.  She has created each of her partnerships and know well, her artisans, their families and communities, visiting them in their homes and workshops as often as possible. one little world is also a proud member of Fair Trade Federation, which screens and monitors her practices, to assure they align with the principles of fair trade.  

One Little World is currently seeking a creative, organized, detail-oriented and trusted intern who has a heart for the developing world (or a love of fair trade), looking to further their knowledge of and experience in graphic/web design and web development. This project team will work with One Little World to collaborate on additional digital (graphics, video edits a plus) and print materials (signs, hang/product tags, banners) which will feature artisan stories, products and product descriptions, fair trade, etc., to be used across the board; social media/web/mobile, marketing, at events, etc.

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