Projects are listed below. Please note that every project has plenty of accompanying leeway for experimental outcomes. Or in other words, read through the projects with an idea of where your initiative, obsessions, talents, and playfulness might be best expressed.


The Side-by-Side is an organization dedicated to creating supportive communities for Richmond’s LGBTQ youth. They have seen tremendous growth in youth attending and have grown in staff. They are seeking guidance into how to best maximize their space and keep it youth friendly and ensure they can continue to meet the growing need of our community.

This mOb team with work with the Side-By-Side employees and youth to develop a spatial and atmospheric scheme for their existing building which accommodates their future participants and programs. 


Carver Tree Project

The Carver Tree Project is an urban forestry and carbon offset program for the Carver neighborhood in Richmond. This initiative spearheaded by the VCU Office of Sustainability is designed to create a baseline street tree inventory for the Carver neighborhood and develop tree planting and maintenance plans for planting additional trees. No new trees will be planted until Fall 2018 but we want to get ahead of the ball and start communicating with neighborhood residents early so a relationship is established before planting. While the benefits of urban trees are well understood by ecologists and urban tree advocates they are not well understood by the general public. Urban trees as they are perceived as messy, a possible threat to homes and cars, as well as possible screens for criminal activity.

This mOb team will work primarily with the Carver Area Civic League and secondarily with the VCU Office of Sustainability to design non-traditional ways of communicating with neighbors about the new trees, their maintenance, and the positive benefits of urban trees to build public support for future tree plantings in Carver.


Virginia By Design Awards exhibition

The Branch Museum awards the inaugural Virginia By Design Awards April 2018, recognizing excellence in design in five categories across disciplines ( These awards will be documented through a publication, and also through an exhibition Sumer 2018 in the museum. The exhibition will display the winning work of the 2017 awards cycle, bring awareness to the 2018 awards cycle, and engage the Virginia design community in recognizing and celebrating excellent design projects. The exhibition may hang on the wall by utilizing our previously-installed hanging system; or be free-standing in the gallery utilizing our plinths, risers, and/or display stands; or be a combination of the two; or something else altogether.

This mOb team will work with Branch Museum staff, Virginia By Design Awards staff and national jury, community members, and the Branch Museum board, to realize their vision to create and install the exhibition in The Branch Museum's Social Gallery summer 2018.


Novem Mason Symposium: Design + Health

UNCGreensboro’s Novem Mason Symposium 2018 is a short, intense gathering of student and professional planners, architects and designers researching and sharing the intersections of design and health through a series of workshops and presentations. The Symposium runs March 13-14. mOb Studio will present past mOb + Storefront research pertaining to health and design through an action engaging with Symposium participants and Greensboro neighbors. 

This mOb team will design a workshop for the trip that unpacks equity with regards to the built environment and politics of Greensboro. This will be an official mOb field trip and will include a visit to the Elsewhere Museum and UNCG's Center for Civic Engagement. Students taking part will have expenses covered.


community preservation and development corporation (cpdc)

The CPDC is a not-for-profit real estate developer dedicated to providing safe, high-quality affordable housing to low and moderate-income individuals and families since 1989. As part of a site-wide redevelopment project, the existing historic two-story building annexing the Baker School is slated for rehabilitation. The other building on site is to be converted into senior apartments. The annex building is roughly 8500 sf. and has been designated for workforce development training space or other service delivery for residents of Gilpin and the larger North Side.

This mOb team will consider the existing building and the needs of the Gilpin and North Side workforce training programs. They will design a creative schematic plan that repurposes the space for a variety of potential Gilpin and North Side community needs. 



The Student Advisory Council for mental health initiative needs specific engagement within VCU's School of the Arts incoming freshmen in the AFO program. They hope to design solutions that will destigmatize mental health access and increase resilient behavior among students with the goal of beginning to shift a current culture that potentially harms students.

Building on design assets from the past semester at mOb, this mOb team will work with the Student Advisory Council to reach non-traditional solutions that reduce stigma surrounding mental health in AFO and increase resilient behavior among students.

Monument Avenue: General Devotion, General Demotion

Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion is an international design ideas competition inviting planners, architects, designers, artists, and individuals to reimagine Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia, culminating in an exhibition at The Valentine. The next 4 projects ennunciate mOb's participation in Monument Avenue.


National Competition

This mOb team will develop the graphic assets that accompany the launch of the National Competition. This will include a package of materials to be sent out to all registered competitors that describes an edited history of the Avenue in addition to providing a diagrammatic site plan, submission requirements, additional information about the competition’s goals and guidelines.


High school competition

The high school competition will be carried out in classrooms in Richmond Public High Schools through a teaching unit on monuments and heroes in entry-level art classes. The curriculum teaches students about heroism, protest, and the history of Richmond including the lasting impact of the Confederacy on Richmond, the education system. Challenges in the curriculum in the past have included piquing student interest and honing sculptural skills.

This team will engage in material studies (clay, paper maiche, and wire have been explored), a design for the base for each statue, visual assets for the unit (handbook, posters), and help design a 60 minute workshop + lecture for professional development week in RPS that occurs every August.


mob press club: Monument speaks

This mOb team will choreograph mOb's interaction with the public during the actions surrounding mObsOapbOx. This will include documenting mObmOment and Monument Speaks performances in addition to prompting and organizing story-collection on Monument Avenue during mObjOb11. As members of mOb Press Club, this team will devise the dissemination of and of Monument Speaks stories, actions, shorts, or feature films. The outcome is up for debate.



New mObians!

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