The Storefront works with homeowners, organizations and businesses to encourage quality community development and strengthen the legacy of our urban neighborhoods through education, advocacy and participation.

Apply for Assistance

Build a shed? Repair your front porch? Create a work of public art? Plan a park for your neighborhood? Turn apartments into condos? Turn an empty school into a youth center? Apply for a special use permit? Turn your vacant space into a coffee shop? learn whether geothermal or solar energy is a choice for you? Design an innovative shirt? Convert an empty greenhouse into an interactive classroom? Retrofit a van as a farm stand?

Storefront works with homeowners, businesses and organizations to encourage high quality community development and strengthen Richmond’s urban neighborhoods by providing access to design and planning resources. In short, we're matchmakers for your design needs and Richmond's network of design professionals. If you wish to fill out an application, explain your design-related project and within two weeks, we'll set up an hour-long, pro bono consultation with one of our volunteers.

You may e-mail scanned applications to tyler@storefrontrichmond.org or snail mail them to:
Tyler King
205 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Applicants should become familiar with the Release of Storefront Volunteers before signing it at the first meeting.