Cards For the Snarky Urbanist in Your Life

Contribute to Storefront's Design Education program, receive a deck of Cards Against Urbanity — RVA Edition

Cards Against Urbanity is a project of the tech startup & DoTankDC. This group of professional planners and architects believe everyone can positively shape the places they live — and have fun at the same time. What started as people complaining about their jobs over rooftop drinks became a spinoff of the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity, which aimed to rearrange their frustration through humor, and often, accidental education.

After several packed house Cards Against Urbanity events with creator Lisa Nisenson, friends and neighbors of Storefront for Community Design were inspired to create an expansion pack tailored specifically to RVA. With the blessing of the creators of Cards Against Urbanity, Storefront is making these cards available to support our Design Education programming, which raises the awareness of designʼs potential to shape the city.

Each deck includes 234 total cards (72 black fill-in-the-blank cards and 162 white response cards). This deck is designed to mix with the original Cards Against Urbanity deck, which is available to download somewhere on the internet. Also on the internet are two great pieces from Next City and Style Weekly about the success of the cards as a way to understand the nuances of RVA urbanism. And as the instructions read, if you donʼt know what something means, you should really be paying more attention.

Make a walk-in donation to support Storefront's Design Education programming, and receive a deck.