Storefront for Community Design is a non-profit design center in the center of Richmond, Virginia. We operate three main community-based program branches: Youth Empowerment, Affordable Design Assistance, and Community Advocacy. Learn more about each branch and our partnerships in Richmond below.


Storefront provides the tools and skills that youth need to gain a sense of ownership in their community through the fields of architecture, urban planning, graphic design, fashion and spatial design.



Storefront opened the Six Points Innovation Center (6PIC) in June 2017, in collaboration with four other partner non-profit organizations. 6PIC is a youth-driven space in the Highland Park neighborhoodof Richmond, where neighborhood youth have access to innovative programming in the arts, urban ecology, education assistance, public media, public history, and advocacy. At 6PIC, they'll build the relationships and knowledge they need to take an active role in shaping bother their community and their future. 



The mOb studio (short for Middle of Broad) brings together the departments of graphic, fashion, and interior design at VCUarts. This interdisciplinary studio and 3 credit course operates as an innovative design lab that realizes the potential of design to shape the city of Richmond. Since 2012, the mOb studio has employed the enthusiasm and expertise of its design students to over 100 projects, including bus stops, bike racks, greenhouses, pop-up produce stands, and billboards.




Adele Ball, mOb Mediator


Storefront provides low-cost architectural, interior, landscaping, graphic, marketing, and urban planning assistance for anyone in the community. Storefront maintains a network of over 150 volunteer professional planners, architects, and designers who are available to help with a range of projects, from community gardens to a new logo for a local critical writing startup to the interior design of soup kitchen.

Applicants talk through their needs with Storefront staff, and then---on a pay-what-you-can basis---work with a professional designer or a group of VCUarts students from the mOb studio to bring their project to a point of initiation, from the raw idea stage to a conceptual phase.


  • City of Richmond

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation

  • HandsOn Greater Richmond

Adele Ball,

Jackie Washington,

Community Advocacy

Storefront hosts workshops, events, and charettes in order to encourage or facilitate community members to become advocates for the strengthening of Richmond.


General Devotion, General Demotion

Through out 2019, Storefront + mOb will host a nationwide architecture competition to consider how to re-present the history and figures monumentalized on Monument Avenue.


Golden Hammer Awards

In November 2017, Storefront will host the Golden Hammer Awards, recognizing local architecture, placemaking, and historic preservation projects that have enriched the city.


Recovery By Design

Working to de-stigmatize mental illness and developmental issuesby engaging client of the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority in textile pattern-making, print-making, and graphic design workshops.


Jackie Washington, Community Engagement Liaison