Design Session Outcomes

Design Session, Spring 2019

Here is a recap of some recent projects that we have been working on this spring:

Holly Street Park + Oregon Hill Park system

We have been working with a designer to imagine some alternative solutions for the Oregon Hill Parks, specifically Holly Street Park. However, we wanted to hear from the community first. We will be releasing a report from our presentation at the Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association (OHNA) last Tuesday evening.

A spread from the initially proposed concept plan.

A spread from the initially proposed concept plan.

RVA Steaks N More

A concept for a proposed breakfast spot in Highland Park called RVA Steaks N More

A concept for a proposed breakfast spot in Highland Park called RVA Steaks N More

RVA Steaks N More requested design assistance in setting up their take out steak shop in Highland Park on Meadowbridge Road. Their motivation is to provide delicious cooked to order meals at economical prices and one hundred percent customer service.

Design Session in 2018: 34 Projects, 100% District Representation

Artboard 2.png

This past year Storefront’s helped further the design initiatives of 34 projects through the Design Session program, which offers low-cost design assistance to Richmond. These projects were situated in all 9 city districts. The majority of these Design Sessions supported non-profit organizations or initiatives that are youth and community-oriented. This year we had more graphic design requests than ever!

Storefront would like to take a moment to thank all our volunteer designers this past year. We couldn’t offer this service without the generosity and expertise of these local (and some out of town!) professionals. Storefront volunteers are actively working to improve our city through design. If that isn’t heroic, we aren’t sure what is. Thanks y’all!

We will release a downloadable report from this past year shortly.

spring at mOb

What has been going on at mOb recently? Read on for a quick rundown of the activity at the studio this semester.

We started off the semester with a quick design competition amongst the students to redesign the Golden Hammer Award. The Golden Hammer Awards are a recognition of excellence in neighborhood revitalization projects in the Greater Richmond Area. Learn more about the awards next week. 

The students then began working in teams on 11 projects throughout the semester. 

Last Saturday, students headed to Greensville County to clean up the site of an old Rosenwald School, the Greensville County Training School. The interdisciplinary team of students has been working on an identity for the new space, a plan for its repurposing, and a series of brochures and on site graphics to raise awareness.

Another team of students is working with the Richmond Volleyball Club to make their graphics speak to a new, younger demographics. 

The Minority AIDS Support Services group is working to create a comfortable, discrete space in their offices in Hampton, VA, where community members can get tested for HIV and feel supported and comfortable around other clients the non-profit serves. They are exploring interior design solutions for a shared waiting room space. 


A team of students is working for another semester with Brooks Diner in Northside to redesign their exterior sign and offer solutions for a patio while yet another group of students is helping to redesign the look of the Afrikana Film Festival. A smaller, yet fastidious nonetheless, student team is working with the VCU Police downtown to design spatial solutions to make the entrance to new offices on Broad St more abiding and in turn, help them fulfill their mission of becoming better neighbors in downtown Richmond. 

Stay tuned for final solutions and mark your calendars for our First Friday opening next month!


How small structures fill big gaps in food access

How small structures fill big gaps in food access

Storefront volunteer consultant and former mOb student Colleen Brennan discusses the relationship between craft and food access. A furniture builder by trade, she has worked on two projects about food access at mOb + Storefront — through Shalom Farms and Tricycle Gardens.