Volunteer Opportunities

Submission Deadline: Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion


Submission Deadline December 1, 2018 at 11:59PM EST!

With less than two weeks remaining for submissions for the national competition, we want to remind you to register and/or submit your vision reimagining Monument Avenue and participate in a design ideas competition to facilitate constructive dialogue around the historic street, Confederate history, urban planning, and public art. 

Or, if you know anyone who you think might be interested, connect them to the competition!


We are concurrently running a high school ideas competition called Youth Monumental to design and model the next monument for Monument Avenue. Any high school student from around the Richmond Region are invited to submit their design and model/sculpture of the next monument on Monument Avenue. Submissions are due December 15.

More information about the high school competition, submissions, requirements, and an upcoming workshop at the Six Points Innovation Center (6PIC) can be found at www.monumentavenuegdgd.com/youth

Storefront in the Community with Friends of Forest Hill Park

Friends of Forest Hill Park
Forest Hill Park contains a couple historic buildings in need of roof repairs. These are the Old Stone House and stables in the the park. Storefront will help direct the conversation within the community to make sure that all facets of these historic sites are told.

The Old Stone House in Forest Hill Park.

The Old Stone House in Forest Hill Park.

If you think you might be interested in these projects, give us a shout at hello@storefrontrichmond.org

Six Points Innovation Center Opens

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to the Grand Opening of the Six Points Innovation Center! This is an exciting time for the Highland Park neighborhood and for all of us, so it was great to share that with so many warm, smiling faces!

Here's just a sampling of what's happening over the summer:

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Training 
  • Empowered for Life Class- 4 Day job readiness program
  • Gender Neutral Bathroom Mosaic Curated by I Am My Life
  • Green Team Energy Audit -Assessment to create 6PIC sustainability plan
  • Changemakers Mural Project 
  • Urban Agriculture Corps Various Site Projects
  • Groundwork RVA/ Bus Rapid Transit - Teaching young people to ride bus rapid transit!

Highland Park Spring Break 2017

On Saturday April 29th, Highland Park residents joined us for the Highland Park Spring Break Event. The event featured 8 different non-profit organizations working within the community. The goal was to engage with community members about how they might envision the growth of their neighborhood, to describe the resources these organizations offered, and most importantly to eat, dance, and perform in the talent show. 

At least 100 people showed up to dance, hear about the Storefront for Community Design, Groundwork RVA, Saving Our Youth, the CPDC, LISC, and Tricycle Gardens. On display in the 6PIC space were plans for architectural plans for local business improvements that community members voted on. The day was unusually hot but that didn't stop the talent show from continuing!

Miracle Needed

Storefront is seeking volunteers to propose a redesign the storefront of Miracles store in Church Hill. Do you have an idea for new signage, a color scheme or something to make this shop stand out?

Contact Adele (adele@storefrontrichmond.org) if you are a designer interested in this storefront improvement project.

Hungry for design volunteer opportunities?


This Design Session is still available

A national meal-providing non-profit has $4000 to spend to update a community kitchen. They need to transition an existing space in a warehouse into a legal commercial kitchen as well as make the space versatile for cooking demonstrations, mass canning and fermentation projects, long term bulk food storage, collective food prep space for this non-profit organization with easy clean up. 

They would like to complete this project as quickly as possible but with no specific timeline.

email Adele (adele@storefrontrichmond.org) for more information or your interest!

Richmond Trails Foundation Seeks Graphic Designer


The Richmond Trails Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to planning, developing, and maintaining Richmond's trails and greenways with the belief that "a robust trail network has been proven to improve the economic vitality of an area as well as the the health and well-being of the community." They are stewards of both natural and paved trail in the Richmond region. The RTF  works with regional Parks and Rec Departments as well as other local organizations and hopes to fill in the gaps in support that these organizations need. 

They are looking for a new identity: something simple, powerful, that communicates a love for trails and the access to fun, relaxation, and adventure that they provide. The design should consider a range of applications from web, print, apparel, stickers, etc.

For those designers interested, Storefront asks for 2 to 6 hours of your time to dedicate to this identity project.  Help this trail stewardship organization develop a finalized design before May 2017!

Please contact Adele (adele@storefrontrichmond.org) with your interest.

Jackson Ward Community Garden Seeks Assistance

A year and a half ago in her Jackson Ward apartment, Jourdan James began dreaming about how to access more green garden space in her neighborhood. Now she is applying for non-profit status and furthering her plans for turning the triangular plot of land at 620 Chamberlayne Parkway into a community garden and educational space. 

The plot is uniquely situated at a major gateway to the neighborhood, which sets it up to be a verdant usher into the neighborhood.

She is seeking assistance with a landscape plan of the 8,200 sq. ft. space, using approximately 4,000 sq. ft. for 12 raised bed gardens and the remaining space for storage, education, bee-keeping and leisure. The Jackson Ward Community Garden will be a space to learn about native flowers and vegetables as well as sustainable gardening practices. Some concerns she faces already include water access, fencing, and accessibility to all neighborhood residents. She also has plans for an updatable mural site for the dreary winter months.  

For those who are interested, the scope of this work requires about 2 to 6 hours of your time. The deliverables are a site-plan and elevation rendering due by the end of October to help this forming non-profit raise funds and share their ideas for community green space and sustainability education.

Design a Shed in Jackson Ward

A Jackson Ward resident is seeking guidance on the design of a shed that works with in the City Old & Historic District guidelines, which state: "Newly constructed outbuildings such as detached garages or tool sheds should respect the siting, massing, roof profiles, materials and colors of existing outbuildings in the neighborhood. New outbuildings should be smaller than the main residence and be located to the rear and/or side of the property to emphasize their character as secondary structures." Architects with experience working within Richmond's COHD's are encouraged to advise the applicant on the conceptual phases of this project.